Most of you probably read the news about Texas’s Senate Bill 8, which went into effect this week and effectively bans abortions in the state. Funnily enough, another law passed at the same time which makes it legal to carry a concealed weapon almost anywhere with virtually no licensing. I guess some Constitutional rights are more equal than others.

In 2018 I participated in the Rogue Nights anthology, contributing my short story, Parking Lot Cowboy, about two people who meet while volunteering as escorts at a family-planning clinic. The story’s themes of inclusive access and quiet activism feel more relevant than ever, now, and so I’m re-releasing Parking Lot Cowboy on its own next Tuesday, 9/7!

Every cent I earn from this story will go to the Clinic Access Support Network (, an awesome organization local to me in Houston which provides practical, nonjudgmental support to people seeking abortions – support which has now effectively been criminalized by SB8.

If you’d like to support an on-the-ground organization fighting for reproductive rights, or if you like a side of progressive ideals with your romance, or if you’re just in the mood for a tall, silent cowboy doing the right thing, hop on over to Amazon (or the digital retailer of your choice) and pre-order Parking Lot Cowboy today!