Texas Cowboy Sweetheart has snagged its first review, and it’s glowing! Publishers Weekly called it a “heartfelt friends-to-lovers romance” and a “promising start” to the series. If you haven’t nabbed it already, Texas Cowboy Sweetheart is available for pre-order before it releases on February 22nd. The ARC sign-up is still open, but not for long!

Here’s the full review:

Crowley introduces her Stars of Texas series with a heartfelt friends-to-lovers romance. After Josie Star’s father falls seriously ill, she leaves her corporate job in Minneapolis and returns home to Texas to run her family’s Lone Star ranch, a role she always dreamed of one day assuming. Ranch foreman Easton McKinney, Josie’s lifelong best friend, is equal parts “elated that she was home” and “dismayed at what that meant for his career.” The Star family provided Easton stability during his chaotic childhood but with Josie taking over, he’s starting to think about moving on. The more he considers what he wants out of his future, however, the more he realizes what he desires most is a happily ever after with Josie. As he gets her up to speed on running the ranch, they both wrestle with their evolving feelings. When Easton gets another job offer, they’re forced to make a big decision about their relationship. It’s refreshing to see a Jewish heroine in a cowboy romance and Crowley ably explores how Josie navigates her faith in rural Texas. Easton, too, is a lovable character whose internal conflict will especially resonate with anyone who’s ever been torn between family duty and their own happiness. This series is off to a promising start.