Hello faithful readers and welcome to my beautiful new website! Massive shoutout to the multi-talented Brigham Whitmore, whose books (and web design skills, obv) I heartily recommend.

Now that I have such a lovely website I have no excuse not to update it regularly – especially since my Stars of Texas series kicks off in February! I’m super excited about these books, which are about four ranch-raised sisters grappling with identity, belonging, and – surprise! – love. TEXAS COWBOY SWEETHEART leads off with Josie, the second-oldest sister, who leaves her Big Ag career to come home and take over the family ranch – and fall hard for her best friend in the process.

TEXAS COWBOY SWEETHEART is available for pre-order, but if you want a fresh read today then I’ve got good news! I have five books in the Smashwords sale ranging from $0.99 to completely free! So hop on over that way for some free or nearly-free shorts and novellas, and have a great Fourth of July weekend!