Good morning faithful readers (well, morning in my time zone at least)! I’m pleased to announce that I have a new series forthcoming from fabulous Tule Publishing!

When three sexy (obv) journo brothers from North London buy out an esteemed daily newspaper to save it from bankruptcy, they quickly find out that running a business isn’t a walk in the park – and running a family business is something else altogether. Throw in a trio of fiery women none of them can quite handle and the flames burn hot enough to light up those dark London nights all winter long.

The books in the LONDON PHOENIX series are category-length and scorching, and I hope readers will fall in love with these hot Jewish heroes as readily as the women who quickly humble them. 🙂

INSIDER, the first installment, hits shelves on 20 August. It’s now available for pre-order via the links below, and you can add it to your Goodreads shelves right away!

Insider cover sm

ER doctor Grace Reilly thrives on patching up her patients, propping them back on their feet and sending them home healthier, yet emotionally she feels flat on her back after being deceived by her ex-boyfriend. She’s shelved her malfunctioning romantic radar, possibly forever. But she’s not opposed to no strings attached sex, especially when she meets the brooding and enigmatic Oren Brody. Even better? After giving her a mind-blowing orgasm with no reciprocal expectations, he vanishes as mysteriously as he appeared.

Six months ago Oren Brody and his brothers, Asher and Ebon, bought the London Phoenix newspaper to save the esteemed daily from bankruptcy. They need a big scoop or a budget shortfall could shut them down. A confidential tip about corruption and potential medical malfeasance points Oren toward St. Hilda’s Hospital – the same hospital where his mother unexpectedly died after a visit to the ER for a pounding headache. He needs answers, and Grace seems to be the key. He’d tracked her down hoping she could be a source. Seducing her was accidental, but he finds himself unable to ignore their zinging chemistry and he doesn’t really want to.

Oren needs to earn Grace’s trust, but that’s a big ask since their first meeting began with a lie and ended with sexual fireworks. Grace has already been deceived by one lover, can she forgive and forget and give Oren a chance?